Smell the Bread!

A baker said to me recently: “I’ve lost the romance and can’t smell bread anymore.”

That is my worst nightmare! I am so glad I can smell freshly baked bread, even though I shouldn’t eat it as much.

Let’s analyze why this baker made that comment.

  1. He didn’t want to sound crazy by telling me his true feelings about bread, so he underplayed it.
  2. He has simply lost sight of how amazing bread is because of his daily dealings with it.
  3. His only motivation for making bread is to make money and pay his bills.
  4. He was having an off day and still has a fondness for bread.

Whatever his reason behind his bread comment, it got me thinking about why we lose who you are or why we hold back. 

Hesitation and fear. You can also call it procrastination. But when you let hesitation and fear make the decisions in your life, than each day you are becoming less and less of you.

  • We hesitate in telling our spouse that they are cute, funny or smart, out of fear that they may not receive it well or that they don’t think the same about you.
  • We hesitate in speaking up in meetings because we have a fear that our idea is stupid or not in line with what they are really asking.
  • We hesitate in paying our bills on time because what if we are short on money and we haven’t created a plan for where our money goes (I could really go on and on with this point because I am a major Dave Ramsey advocate). Quick quote: Don’t let your money run you, you run it!
  • We hesitate in sharing our goals and dreams, because others may not understand.
  • We hesitate in getting healthy, out of fear that we may fail and that we may have to be kept accountable.
  • We hesitate in putting others first, out of fear that we won’t get it in return.

A lot of fear and hesitation keeps us from being incredible people!

What if the baker said this instead, “To deal with bread everyday is the most wonderful thing in the world! Not only does it smell good and taste great, it brings people together! The act of breaking bread is my favorite thing in the world!!!” 

I would then say, “I”m sold! I will buy all the bread that you have!”

I also believe we hesitate in sharing our true selves because we will get opposition.

THAT’S OK!! Not everyone likes bread. I have family members that have actually said, “I don’t get the big deal with bread.”

I often hesitate in sharing the things that I love out of fear that I will fail, that people will make fun of me, not understand, and that it may sound stupid. But here it is:

I love to serve others! I love to connect with people and help them see their gifts and talents! I want people to wake up every day and chose to serve others, remind themselves daily of the things that they love, and go after it. 

Being vulnerable is hard. But when you align yourself with God’s will for your life and how He created you, then you can be confident in your daily decisions! Each day wake up and align yourself with Him! You will mess up, but don’t stay there, just make it apart of your dance and learn from it.

Fight hesitation and fear by remembering who you are and why you were created!

My 30th Birthday

Romans 12:10-11 “Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord.”

I absolutely love celebrating people’s birthday. In High School I would have my dad take me to pick up donuts or bagels for my friends when it was their birthday and then show up at their house before school. When I was about to turn 25 I found a post on Pinterest about a woman who did 35 random acts of kindness on her 35th birthday and I thought that was pretty awesome, so I did that for my 25th. Now fast forward 5 years and decided to do it again for my 30th! This time was different because I had my friends and family all over the U.S. sign up to do an Act of Random Kindness. The beautiful thing about this was that it didn’t take long before every random act was assigned to someone. The stories that people had after doing their kind act was so sweet, and it made all of us want to do this on a more regular basis.

We have so much to be thankful for. Taking a few moments to see others, be selfless and give more, was pretty easy (you just have to be prepared and intentional). I want to share a few stories from that day…

-My Sister-in-law made cookies for the police department and her daughter made cookies for the neighbors. They packaged the cookies in such a pretty and professional way. When they got to the police department it looked like no one was there, but that didn’t stop them. They saw someone and said, “we have cookies for the Police Officers.” One of the officers came out and she told him about my 30 Acts of Random Kindness and gave him the cookies. His response was priceless, “you must have known a fat kid was on duty today!” It made them laugh and then my sister-in-law said, “thank you for all that you do in our community.” He was touched and looked very appreciative.


-My husband, sister and I were at Togo’s picking up sandwiches right after we had just done our 2 ARK’s (Acts of Random Kindness), when two young girls walk in ready to order their sandwiches. Our order was about to be done and my husband went to the sandwich specialist and asked to purchase a gift card. He got the gift card and before the two girls had paid for their meals he handed them the gift card and told them about my 30 Acts of Random Kindness plan. One of the girls gave him a skeptical look at first because she didn’t know if he was trying to sell them something, and once they found out he was giving them a gift card they couldn’t believe it. They loved the idea and the girl that accepted the gift card told us that her birthday was  tomorrow. I just love how God was orchestrating these different interactions throughout the whole day.

-Another ARK was to pass out goodies to your neighbors. My friend took that one and made healthy treats and passed them out. This led to meeting new neighbors, planning a dinner night with those neighbors, which happened to be the following night, and building better connections with their community.


-My sister and I passed out water bottles in front my 24 Hour gym and the response was so sweet. We had just passed out our last bottle and one of the girls inside came running out shouting, “thank you for being so kind, and happy birthday!” It truly warmed our hearts!

-My friend and her daughter went to drop off quarters at a local Laundromat. Once they got there they saw that it was packed, so she walked around passing out quarters, and her little girl stuck some in the dispenser for people to be surprised when they reach in and find quarters already there. The best part is that they are going to make this a monthly activity.

-I had a few people pick the ARK that gives pastors gift cards to coffee shops. The thought of so many pastors being blessed on that day was incredible. One pastor posted about his gift card and how he felt like it was his birthday!


-My sister and brother in law paid for the people behind them in a drive through coffee shop (Dutch Bros.) and the girls inside couldn’t believe the idea of 30 ARK’s for my 30th. I think that was another thing that shocked a lot of us was hearing that others want to do this idea! I hope that many more do!


-My last ARK was to my parents who raised me to love ands serve others. They show the love of Christ with how much they sacrifice to benefit the kingdom of God.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Thank you for reading this! And Thank you to those who will make this their own and do Acts of Random Kindness on their Birthday!

“I have been called not to success but to obedience as a witness to others and as an active agent of Gods plan for His kingdom.” -Lead Like Jesus

Here is a list of other Acts of Random Kindness that we did

-Quarters at air station

-Mani/Pedi Gift Card to a friend

-Basket of goodies to Firemen

-Gas Gift Card on a car

-Diapers to a pregnancy center

-Leave $5 in a redbox movie

-Pay for the person behind you at a coffee shop

-Leave your favorite book somewhere for someone to have

-Notes to Missionaries

-Toys to Children’s Hospital

-Cookies to the Police Dept.

-Beach Clean up

-Donuts and Flowers for a retirement community

-Basket of Goodies for your parents