Show Your Courage!

What’s your courage level at??  (Think of a number between 1-10, 1 = super low and 10 = you are the most courageous person ever)

I was reading about David and Goliath this morning and was so encouraged with David’s courage, confidence and perseverance! He was confident in the Lord and knew that God would fill him up!

There are a lot of Goliath’s that we face every single day. Now it may not be an actual giant, but we do blow things up in our mind and create unnecessary giants all the time.

A Goliath that I face pretty daily is comparison. The way I fight that Goliath is to remind myself that I am different and that I need to be and do what I was created to be. The fear of messing up, or looking ridiculous can be overwhelming in my mind, but then I am reminded that I am the only Nikki Udicki in the world and that God has specifically gifted me to show His glory. I absolutely love that I can relate to so many people, but I need to remember that relating doesn’t mean that we are the same. I want to be courageous in who I am. I want my friends and family to know who they are and strive daily to be that.

I also have the Goliath of not wanting to ship the gifts that God has gifted me with. It’s scary out there, and I like my safe harbor! I like my comfort zone. This is what I have to say to myself when that Goliath comes to mind:


Seth Godin talks about how we all have gifts and goods to ship daily! I thought of how Amazon ships out so many good things every day, (which I take full advantage of). You are a very unique amazon! You have ideas, you have gifts, you have abilities, and you have plenty of things to ship daily!

I know that a lot of us aren’t dealing with courage that we risk our lives for, but the daily courage of doing what’s right and what’s abnormal, is the courage that will leave a legacy that matters!

Have courage to love others well, and be against the grain!

So I encourage you to:

-start that new thing that you have been putting off

-start sharing your ideas and thoughts more

-start complimenting more people

-start shipping your goods each day

Leaders ask yourselves:

As a leader, are you courageous?

Are you standing up for your people and what they need?

Are you being vulnerable with how you encourage, support and discipline?

Are you being the example for others so they see what it looks like to be who they were created to be?

My sister in law says, “you do you.” I love that!

Start celebrating and stop comparing!

Be courageous!!