My name is Nikki Udicki (pronouced “you-did-ski”)

I was born and raised in Southern California, youngest of 4, and grew up in a very loving home!

When I was in Jr. High I had Youth Group Leaders who invested in me so well that I wanted to be just like them one day. My first year of college I became the Jr. High Intern, the year after that I moved into the Jr. High Associate Director Role and once I graduated from college I move to Ireland and helped with Youth and Women’s Ministry. After two years there I moved back to Ca, met my husband and married him. (Wow life happens fast!)

I transitioned into a Director’s position at a Retirement Community where I found that Orientation was one of my favorite days! Sharing the mission, vision and goal of the community to new employees got me excited. My goal now is to share this excitement and knowledge for training staff well so they know their value, worth, and potential to be an excellent servant leader!

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