GingerSnap Here!

7 Things You Should Know About GingerSnap

1. I am here to serve you! Now this is a bold statement because I don’t know everyone’s love language and how you specifically need to be served at this moment, but my goal is to share what I have learned about Servant Leadership and saturate your mind with amazing ideas on how to serve your co-workers, family, friends, and others daily!

2. Youth Ministry and Retirement Communities have a lot of similarities! I worked in Youth Ministry for about 9 years and then at a Retirement Community after that. You may hear some of my stories on this here blog.

3. Ireland has my heart! I am a red head, and as a red head I thought, what other country would I fit in really well? Ireland was that country! I served over there for two years and absolutely loved it, even though I had an appendicitis while I was there, I grew a lot, met the best people, and loved on our community of Westport (google it right now, it’s super cute).

4. I love coffee! Super cliche, but I really do, and I’ve started to really like bulletproof coffee!!

5. Quotes anyone? I have found that I really love filling my mind with things that are true, encouraging, and motivating. Expect a lot of quotes from whatever I am reading that week.

6. GingerSnap is here to ignite your staff to be AWESOME! When I see staff that are underappreciated, not feeling motivated, and not living up to their potential, I want to get in there and say, “HEY! You’re AWESOME, and I want to tell you why that’s true!”

7. Servant Leadership. This term, servant leadership, is what I promote, care about, and love to talk about. The act of being an excellent leader while serving others should be the way of all leaders. This does not mean that leaders should be push overs, or that they should lead by intimidation, but lead with integrity, strength, and servanthood!

My goal for this blog is to provide you with the right motivation, tools and skills to be excellent leaders!

“If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.” -anonymous

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