How to be a great Newbie at Work

You just got a job and you are about to be the “newbie” at work. Use these steps to rock your first days and weeks on the job.

  1. Getting Hired:
    1. You checked out the company, and you can get behind what they are all about. You interviewed well and got the job! Well done, now on to step 2!
  2. Know your role:
    1. Ask questions, make sure they give your job description, be curious, learn and talk through expectations.
    2. During orientation take notes. Ask about their systems and processes.
      1. Don’t be a know it all!
      2. Process, listen, and take notes.
  3. Meet the Team:
    1. If you are a new manager, meet with your team. Do one on ones!! This is a must. Ask them their goals, what they like most about working there, and how you can be a great boss for them! You want them to succeed, so make sure that comes across.
    2. If you are a new employee: Go around and introduce yourself to the team you are apart of, smile, and have a great attitude!
  4. Personalize your workspace:
    1. Big or small, bring in something that will show people a little bit of your personality. Your role is to do your job well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to know your people around you. You spend a lot of hours at work, so be you.
  5. You won’t be a newbie forever:
    1. This is just a season, soon you will understand why people complain about certain things and you will be right there with them, but keep the honeymoon stage as long as you can. It will give your other employees and team members another perspective. And work will be more enjoyable for you too!

Put up quotes in your office, anything that will motivate you and others. Be positive. Try to say yes as much as possible.

And remember, you want your new employer to be happy they hired you!

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How to Celebrate Your Employees

If you are anything like me, you need to hear some words of encouragement and appreciation every once in a while. You don’t need it every day, nor should you. We aren’t little children that need pats on their back for doing simple tasks. But as a leader, you can be the type of person that notices their employees doing great work, and you should then tell them. Your employees will perform better!

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate your employees better.

  1. Celebrate Milestones
    • 1 year anniversary is exciting!
      • Use a crown, knight them at a meeting, give them a wrestling belt to wear for the day like Influence & Co. does.
    • Birthdays are important!
      • My old boss had me fill out a form during orientation that had questions like, favorite coffee drink, candy, color, and snack. He did this for everyone in his department. By doing this he had a system for Birthdays, but also made it personal.
  2. Shake Up Bonuses
    • Don’t just give bonuses at the end of the year. Make is more interesting by doing it quarterly.
    • Let employees give bonuses. Have a set budget for each department where they can give a bonus to someone else.
  3. Make it Weekly
    • Recognize someone each week at your weekly meetings with specific details of why they are awesome, and give them the office mascot (a beanie baby, trophy, stuffed animal) for the week. They get to add an accessory that week.
  4. Celebrate Risk Takers
    • This company called Tata has an award called the Dare to Try award. They recognize employees for taking risks and trying new things. Even if it fails, they still want their employees to think outside of the box and keep growing.
  5. Celebrate the Small Days
    • These are such silly and simple ways to say awesome job!

When you start celebrating more, you will notice an increase in daily attendance, less conflict among staff, and better customer service.

These aren’t tools to just “make people feel good.” If your employees do great work, then recognize them, but don’t make it seem like everyone has to win!

How awesome would it be if your employees started to rave about the place they work at! You can make that happen!

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Overcoming Fear

“How to counter the fear that’s holding you back from being the leader you were meant to be.”

There I was, the Jr. High Intern at Calvary Church of Santa Ana, and the worship leader couldn’t lead worship the next morning. I know how to play the guitar (a little) and sing, so duty called. The next morning came and I was afraid of messing up the chords and singing the wrong lyrics, but I went for it. I had just played an upbeat song and was about to say into the microphone, ‘God’s awesome!’ But what came out was, “I’M AWESOME!” I was embarrassed, turned bright red and tried to correct myself instantly. My fears came to life and instead of running off the stage, I kept going.

We all have different fears that we deal with daily, but today I’m going to address the fears that are holding you back from the work and leader that you were meant to be.

Some fears that might be holding you back are:

  • Fear of messing up
  • Fear of not having enough experience
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of people not understanding you or your product.
  • Fear of failing
  • Fear of succeeding (how will you and others around you handle success)

Now remember, not every fear is bad.

  • Fear of getting burnt.
  • Fear of getting hit by a car
  • Fear of letting people down (having massive responsibility so wanting to do well with what you have.)

In order to differentiate between your good and bad fears, you need to share your fears and hesitations. The safe people in your life will give you the right perspective on what is good and true.

The major temptation that will hinder you is letting your insecurities take over and the result will be that you won’t live up to your full potential.

Maya Angelou said, “I have written 11 books, but each time I think, uh oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody, and they’re going to find me out.”

– So remember, fears are normal.

We won’t be able to get rid of fear completely, but how you counter your fear is what you need to focus on.

How to counter fear:

  • Remind yourself of what is true
  • “Just do it”
  • Keep practicing
  • Get people in your life to give you the correct perspective and truth.

“Do it scared.” -Christy Wright

“There is something great on the other side of your fear! Don’t let fear kill your dreams!” -Nikki Udicki

I’m Sorry!

That phrase, “I’m Sorry!” is not said enough.

Scenario #1

You are waiting for your coffee; there are people ahead of you and only one barista. The barista finally hands you your coffee after 4 minutes (having worked at a coffee shop for many years your drink should be done in 90 seconds) but that’s fine, 4 minutes it is. The barista says your name, and hands you the drink with no eye contact. Well now you are upset that no one said sorry for the wait and now you are contemplating if you’ll ever go back to that place.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Scenario #2

You are waiting for your coffee; there are people ahead of you and only one barista. While the barista is making a drink he looks up and says, I am going to work as fast as I can, but it will be a little wait, I’m sorry about that. You are instantly ok with waiting. Your drink is ready, the barista knows you are there (cuz he already acknowledged you), he hands your drink and says, ‘thank you for waiting patiently, and again I’m sorry about that. I really hope this didn’t ruin your day.’ (he threw in a little joke to lighten the situation) It made you laugh and you are walking away with a smile on your face and going to talk about this place in a positive way to all of your friends.


Why don’t people want to say sorry?

– We don’t like to own up to mistakes and we don’t like to be wrong. But it ultimately comes down to pride. It’s a vulnerable thing to admit when you are wrong. When a toddler hits their younger sibling, the parents don’t disown the toddler; you discipline, make sure they know they did something wrong, they apologize, and learn from their mistakes. Toddlers shouldn’t be the only ones saying sorry. We need to make sure we still say sorry, learn from our mistakes and grow.

People working in customer service deal with having to apologize all day long. They (personally) didn’t do anything wrong, but because of their job, they take ownership of where they work and create solutions for their customers.

Create Solutions! Say Sorry! Acknowledge People!

Here are a few phrases we need to add to our vocabulary:

-I’m sorry I messed up.

-Thank you for waiting.

-Thank you for being patient.

-I see you and will work as fast as I can to get you on your way.

-Welcome to…



-Is there anything I can get you?

-Do you need anything?

Be someone who says sorry, who acknowledges other people. Be someone who possesses compassion.

Why Great Customer Service is Crucial!

“How may I serve you?”

Doesn’t that phrase just make you happy? I hope that all of you have had the pleasure of experiencing the incredible customer service at Chick-fil-a. Every employee that works there has to go through intense customer service training, and their main focus in the training is having everyone understand that serving is what makes them different and stand out. It’s no wonder that they out perform KFC and still can close their doors one day a week.

Let me list a few reasons why you should consider training your staff to be amazing at customer service.

  1. Your employees will have purpose
    • Remind your employees of the why! Why are they coming to work each day? What impact are they making? This is a great tool to give to your people daily. You will have less burn out and give your employees purpose and drive to be great at what they do.
  2. Your customers will be happy and return
    • I walked into DSW today and within 30 seconds I was greeted with a hello and welcome. They saw me, and noticed me. I also like getting acknowledgement when I go to the gym. We want to be noticed. Make sure your staff is noticing your customers fast, that they have a big smile on their face, and that they are in the moment and not thinking about how badly they want to be done with their shift.

      People don’t follow companies, they follow brands, they follow experiences, and they always remember the way you made them feel. -Dale Partridge

  3. Your employees and customers will be your best referrals
    • To build followers you need to make sure you are creating a positive experience. The way that my husband makes others feel is truly a reflection of the type of servant leader that he is. He could be talking to a client, employee, friend or family member and he always makes sure to have that personal connection!
    • Connecting, serving and caring will make people come back and want more. When you elevate others and serve them, they feel it, and will be your biggest referrals! 
  4. Your focus will be on people and not profit (thank you Dale Partridge – read ‘People Over Profit’)
    • I’m reading the book ‘People Over Profit’ by Dale Partridge and ‘Dare to Serve’ by Cheryl Bachelder; both books have amazing tools in how to focus on people and not the profit. You know when that shoe salesman comes up to you and all they see are dollar signs. But there is a huge difference when a salesman comes up to me and starts asking questions instead of telling me about their product.
    • Get to know your people. Think about what’s best for them and not what’s best for you. People can easily sniff out the used car salesman. 
  5. You will have better sleep
    • When your team is trained well, when they know their purpose, and when they like coming to work…you can sleep easy. Putting time and effort into training your staff will help with your stress level, you will have less burn out, and your customers will be happier. You will find that focusing on others instead of yourself was the key all along.

The key to a fruitful life is finding ways to serve others daily. -Nikki Udicki

The Top 5 Qualities in a Great Leader

The Top 5 Qualities in a Leader!

Think of an incredible leader that you have had, or have, in your life. What qualities do they possess?

The great leaders in my life were always honest, humble, secure and had the ability to laugh at themselves.

I want to give you the top 5 qualities that all great leaders NEED to possess!

This may seem like a no brainer to have this quality, but it is absolutely crucial that you are a leader who is trustworthy. Make your yes, yes and your no, no. People become dishonest when it’s inconvenient and when they want to cover themselves or something up. Simon Sinek says “If you’re not consistent in the things you say and do, no one will know what you believe” (and I’ll add, no one will know who you really are.)
Other words related to trust are: respect, integrity, and honesty.

Make sure you actually care about the people you lead. Managers have a hard time putting themselves in other peoples shoes, so as a leader you need to make sure you have perspective and view things the way that others are experiencing it. Go and talk to your employees, see what it’s like to do their work every once in a while!
Other words related to compassion are: caring, loving and happy

People need leaders who provide a solid foundation and know what they value. During times of stress and chaos are you even keeled and stable or do you break down? Be a problem solver and a solutions maker!
Other words related to stability are: security, strength, support and peace.

A great leader is confident and provides clear direction. You want to follow someone who is confident in their plan and humble in knowing that their plan may need tweaking. I am confident in my hair stylist because she doesn’t question herself with every hair that she cuts (that would just be exhausting!) She goes in there confident but at the same time asks questions if I’m liking what she is doing!
Other words related to confidence are: direction, guidance and faith.

A great leader is someone who serves others well. To serve is taking the focus off of yourself and onto others. Think of the last time you had incredible service, and how did that make you feel? People remember the way you made them feel. How you serve others is a direct reflection of the type of leader you are!

Becoming a great leader takes time and work. Do inventory on yourself to see where you are lacking, and change.

“How you make your employees feel about themselves says a lot about your business.” -Dale Partridge

Go and be great!!

Show Your Courage!

What’s your courage level at??  (Think of a number between 1-10, 1 = super low and 10 = you are the most courageous person ever)

I was reading about David and Goliath this morning and was so encouraged with David’s courage, confidence and perseverance! He was confident in the Lord and knew that God would fill him up!

There are a lot of Goliath’s that we face every single day. Now it may not be an actual giant, but we do blow things up in our mind and create unnecessary giants all the time.

A Goliath that I face pretty daily is comparison. The way I fight that Goliath is to remind myself that I am different and that I need to be and do what I was created to be. The fear of messing up, or looking ridiculous can be overwhelming in my mind, but then I am reminded that I am the only Nikki Udicki in the world and that God has specifically gifted me to show His glory. I absolutely love that I can relate to so many people, but I need to remember that relating doesn’t mean that we are the same. I want to be courageous in who I am. I want my friends and family to know who they are and strive daily to be that.

I also have the Goliath of not wanting to ship the gifts that God has gifted me with. It’s scary out there, and I like my safe harbor! I like my comfort zone. This is what I have to say to myself when that Goliath comes to mind:


Seth Godin talks about how we all have gifts and goods to ship daily! I thought of how Amazon ships out so many good things every day, (which I take full advantage of). You are a very unique amazon! You have ideas, you have gifts, you have abilities, and you have plenty of things to ship daily!

I know that a lot of us aren’t dealing with courage that we risk our lives for, but the daily courage of doing what’s right and what’s abnormal, is the courage that will leave a legacy that matters!

Have courage to love others well, and be against the grain!

So I encourage you to:

-start that new thing that you have been putting off

-start sharing your ideas and thoughts more

-start complimenting more people

-start shipping your goods each day

Leaders ask yourselves:

As a leader, are you courageous?

Are you standing up for your people and what they need?

Are you being vulnerable with how you encourage, support and discipline?

Are you being the example for others so they see what it looks like to be who they were created to be?

My sister in law says, “you do you.” I love that!

Start celebrating and stop comparing!

Be courageous!!